Vacation Transportation

  • Air n Drive
  • Air n Drive is an online marketplace that enables people to list, find, then rent transportation for a processing fee. Founded in July 2016 and headquartered in Bali, Indonesia, the company is privately owned and operated. It develops, markets and operates the Air n Drive website, which allows customers to submit a booking request online which is then routed to the transport owners who use the website. As of July 2016, the service was available worldwide. The name “Air n Drive” is a reference to the common word “Air”, meaning “Airplane” and the word “Drive”, meaning “Driver”. It’s meaning is to fly to your destination by Air and then you Drive your transport. The company is rapidly planning expansions in overseas markets which include an international marketing campaign and a mobile application development that is to be launched soon. Air n Drive is an owner-to-customer transportation market place that connects owners of transportation and customers via its website. Air n Drive enables transactions between these two entities by charging a service fee without directly owning any transport by itself. This business model creates a new source of supply for the huge demand of cheap transportation by matching the private transportation owners and customers with each other. The signup is free. Air n Drive only source of revenue comes from the service fee from bookings. There is a nonrefundable flat rate booking service fee of $5 for each transaction per reservation that is being charged to the customer who is renting the transportation. Upon the customers Paypal payment for it has been paid then automatically an email notification is sent to the customer and the owner of the transportation with each others full contact details to confirm the booking themselves and apply any discounts to it. All deposits and payments for the actual transportation rentals are to be paid directly from the customer to the transport owner. Air n Drive – Transportation Rental Marketplace for the World!